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Casa Dee Montessori School registering students now in our Bolton Location from infant to 7 years, and  from 18 months to 7 years in our Brampton Location


Our Montessori school allows our staff to be in touch with the children and their families. Children and families are important players in the education system. Joy and accomplishments in children's lives can be achieved only through very close interaction between the school and the families.

Parent-teacher meetings strongly encourage the support of parental involvement in the development of the child.


The Additional Advantage:

  • Individual child progress will be discussed on a regular basis

  • Introduce aspects of Montessori education to parents

  • Help them understand how they can support their child at home and outside of the school


Casa Dee Montessori School provides quality education, guided by Montessori philosophy, for children in a beautiful, caring, and harmonious learning environment. Our classroom has a special atmosphere of cheerful orderliness, calmness, and purposeful work.

We empower the child to fully explore their path of self-discovery and development in the Montessori environment. The child's environment is carefully planned and organized to enhance learning in a focused, uninterrupted manner following Montessori principles.

About Us: About Us


We are proud that our teachers are enthusiastic and devoted professionals with outstanding experience in the child's education. They embrace the Montessori philosophy with a depth of knowledge and a genuine desire to encourage all children to develop a positive attitude towards learning and education.


All teachers have completed Montessori courses and possess recognized certificates/diplomas. They often go beyond the required qualifications and continuously expand their professional knowledge. Our school frequently hosts student teachers for Montessori training institutes to fulfill their teaching experience and class observation required for graduation.

Parents' misconception reading and writing skills are the most visible, however, the whole learning process prepares a child with the real world of emotional intelligence, engaged citizenry, compassion, joy, and relationship to one's environment.  

About Us: Our Mission


The multi-aged classroom and emphasis on time management prepare in "real world" ways.  Children are grouped in multi-aged classrooms where students are engaged in hands-on, self-paced, and collaborative work.


Multi-aged allows older students to be leaders and mentors while providing opportunities for younger students to work with older classmates to work on group projects.


In addition, Montessori teachers don't stand in front of the class giving lectures while asking students to work on the same thing at the same time, in the same way, rather they walk through the classroom working on one with students or in small groups.


At the core of the Montessori philosophy is the belief that all the students have a  natural desire to learn explore, and joyfully work towards independence through knowledge and discipline.


An Educational Study Proved
"Montessori Students proved to be significantly better prepared for
elementary school in reading and math skills than the non-Montessori children.
They also tested better on "executive functions" the ability to adapt to
changing and more complex problem, an indicator of future school and life success.

The top 5 types of knowledge and skills which a child accomplishes in their Montessori education are:

  • Critical thinking

  • Problem solving

  • Teamwork and collaboration,

  • Creativity and innovation,

  • Settling into a diverse environment 

Image by Rashid Sadykov
Kids in Daycare
Kids in Playground
Raising Arms
Reading with Magnifying Glass
About Us: Our Mission


Our program has been enriched with extra-curriculum program areas such as Music lessonsPottery/Clay classes art where each child can find their natural gifts and talents can be further nurtured and explored.

We also strongly encourage physical fitness and recreational activities. Therefore, besides the regular daily playground time and yoga exercise, we completed our program with the Dancing course.​

Children are the most precious part of our present life and they are the world's future generation. We should also remember that when we want to build a better world and a better future, we definitely should start with our children.

About Us: Our Mission
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