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Cute Baby


Our Infant program accommodates 6 children, aged 3 months to 18 months.  Our programs are very popular, so Registry early.

Our schedule is based on the needs of each individual child.  Children may sleep and eat when they require it throughout the day. 

(Sample Schedule )

A typical day in the infant room consists of 


7:30-8:30amMorning arrival and greeting time

8:30-9:15amSnack time - milk is served. Sleep time for those who require a nap

10:00-11:00amOutside time - going for a walk or playing in the yard

11:00-11:30amSensory or planned programming or circle

11:30amLunch time

12:00-12:30pmExploratory play

12:30pmSleep time - for those who require a nap

2:30pmProgramming and creative art

3:00pmSnack time

3:00-4:00pmExploratory play

4:00-5:00pmOutside time

5:30pmCentre closes

You might be thinking that your infant has so much to learn! Don't stress out—step by step they will develop their skills and gain all the knowledge they need. In our perfectly designed and implemented infant program at Casa Dee Montessori- Bolton. Our experienced nannies help your infant grow up healthy and up to learn new things.

We have designed our infant program from A to Z. During the program infants are stimulated cognitively through individual routines, including physical development and health, language and literacy, music and creative learning experiences which help them learn through playing. We at Casa Dee Montessori- Bolton aim to let your child grow up with a high level of confidence through enhancing their independence. We go much far beyond a common daycare. Infants will feel free, secure and happy with their care teachers who believe that each child is different. 

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